Imported & International Foods

Food has an amazing ability to reconnect us with our past and help us appreciate different cultures. It is not uncommon for a meal or even just one ingredient to transport us to a different place or time.

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Regardless of where you are from, where you have been or what your heritage is, you eat! Chances are somewhere along the line you’ve eaten something, that was so amazing, just thinking about it right now makes your soul smile and your mouth water! I bet if the scent of that item quickly wafted through the air right now, your mind would immediately transport you to that time and place. That’s the special power of food!

Why Does Lancaster’s Specialty Market Carry International Foods

Yes, food is primal and by definition it is, a “nutritious substance that humans need in order to maintain life and grow” but the truth is it is so much more than that. At Lancaster’s Specialty Market we definitely understand that!

Food is a critical component at almost any celebration of love and life, a tribute to our heritage and many times a source of comfort.

Here at Lancaster’s Specialty Market we knew early on that international food would be a focus of our specialty market because of what it meant to us. We are very proud to offer Lancaster & Lebanon County a specialty food store with a variety of international foods that allow us to connect with our culture and pay respect to our ancestors.

When you visit Lancaster’s Specialty Market, along with local, organic and gluten free items you’ll notice we have a nice variety of imported products. We carry imported goods from across the globe, including Germany, Italy, Greece, France, Ukraine, Portugal, Spain and more!

We don’t claim to have it all but we are always looking for new and exciting international products to introduce!

Lancaster’s Specialty Market aims to be your helpful and healthy source for all those food products that are special to you. Please feel free to make suggestions and requests, just click here and let us know what international grocery item you would like to see on our shelves!