German Specialty Foods

The state of Pennsylvania is certainly no stranger to German influence and culture, in fact per the German-American Heritage Foundation, 1 in 6 American’s are of German descent or have German-speaking roots. We would be willing to bet that percentage is a bit higher here in the keystone state and maybe even higher still here in Lancaster and Lebanon Counties.

So naturally, as Lancaster County locals we are very proud to carry and sell imported German specialty food items in our market. Not only do these products evoke memories of nostalgia and joy, but they also provide our German friends and family with a connection to home. Whether you were born in Germany, stationed in Germany or just visited there temporarily – there is no doubt in our minds,that you fell in love with their cuisine, their good beer and their decadent chocolate!

Your Local German Food Market

variety of german and imported food products

Lancaster’s Specialty Market is an independently owned and operated market located in the courtyard of shops behind the historic Brickerville House Restaurant. If you are looking for anything from German deli meats, sausages and pates to German chocolates and candies we can help. We are thrilled to be your local, German food market!

Our buyers carefully select unique and hard to find, imported German and European products that we think will be the best fit for our market and customers.

We carry the following German brands and continue to add new products each week:

Dr. Oetker
Ritter Sport

German Chocolate & Candy

Variety of Ritter Sport Chocolates

Yes – you read that correct, we carry Milka, Ritter Sport & Kinder products! If you are reading this and your mouth didn’t just start watering, then you have NO idea what you are missing out on! Once you’ve had German chocolates and candies – nothing else compares.

Have you ever wondered why German chocolates taste so much better then American chocolate? As it turns out, here in the United States we require that cacao makes up only 10% of the product to be considered chocolate. German chocolates on the other hand (and all European chocolate for that matter) have to be contain cacao of 20 % or higher. Europe is very well known for its’ decadent chocolate and we want to bring that excellence to you!

German Deli: Meats, Pates & Sausages

Our deli case is stocked with premium Schaller & Weber German deli meats, sausages & pates. Schaller & Weber is a family-run New York City based, German butchery, that opened their doors in 1937. Since then they have repeatedly won gold medals at international exhibitions in Germany. This can be credited to their dedication to time-honored recipes as well as their refusal to compromise, when it comes to quality or the traditional techniques they use only the best and most trusted.

Are we missing your favorite Imported German Food?

As always, if there is a German specialty food you are looking for, that you don’t see on our shelves – let one of our team members know you have a request and we will see if we can track it down for you! If we can locate it, we will bring it in and give you a call – if it sells, we will bring it back! We look forward to seeing you at our market, where everyone is welcome!

Herzlich Willkommen!