Premium Sandwiches

To N.Y. Gourmet Sandwich

Due to popular demand we are very proud to announce we are now serving freshly crafted premium deli sandwiches (aka hoagie, sub, hero)!

All of our deli sandwiches are served on your choice of Abruzzi’s Sesame Seeded Hoagie Roll or Conshokocken Italian Bakeries Hoagie Roll. You can choose from one of our rotating Lancaster’s Specialty Sandwiches or you can go with a sandwich from our All American Sub menu.

Regardless of what sandwich you choose, your meats and cheeses will be sliced to order (it doesn’t get any fresher then that) which means your sandwich will be crafted on the spot with love – we greatly appreciate your patience and your business.

All American Sub Menu

Bologna & Cheese Sandwich

Schaller & Weber Golden Turkey Breast & Cheese Sandwich

Schaller & Weber Black Forest Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Roast Beef & Cheese Sandwich

Mixed Cheese Sandwich

Italian Sandwich

Lancaster’s Specialty Sandwich Menu available in store only