LSM Deli

The deli at Lancaster’s Specialty Market is stocked to meet a variety of your deli needs and a member of our team is always ready and eager to guide you through our selection of cheese, meats, spreads, crackers, breads, olives and sandwiches.

Sandwiches … Sliced to Order!

Our deli cases have been stocked with premium meats and cheeses since we opened the doors in December of 2015 however sandwiches are a newer addition to our product offering. After numerous request for sandwiches – we started making sandwiches sliced to order by request only.  After getting tons of positive feedback on those sliced to order sandwiches we eventually decided it was time to dive in and start promoting what we were doing!

Cheese … Oh We Have Cheese!

We have over 40+ different cheeses at any given time. Everything from your classic deli cheeses to award winning imported and artisan made cheeses in our cheese cases. Not sure what you like, don’t worry – we are here to help make suggestions and even offer samples, so come hungry!

Gourmet Meats … We have those too!

Our deli case also features select & premium cold cut meats, german style smoked and cured Italian meats as well as a variety of salamis and some of the best Braunschweiger (aka Liverwurst) you’ll find anywhere. We look forward to “meating” you at the deli!  🙂

Olive Bar

On our olive bar you will find a variety of types of olives, including some of our own favorite blends. We have a small selection of pitted olives in addition to a larger selection of olives with pitts. Again- we are more then happy to offer you a sample to ensure you know you love them before you make your purchase.