Local & International Cheeses … Oh My!

Stinky, creamy, earthy, silky, soft, firm, nutty, crumbly, dry, rich, flaky, tangy, bold, smooth, salty, sharp, nutty, sweet, mild… what on earth do all these words have in common? Cheese!

That’s right, all of these words and more are commonly used to describe the texture and or the aroma and flavor of cheese! There are certainly many more adjectives that you can use to describe your favorite or least favorite cheese but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you say it’s nutty and I say it’s earthy- all that matters is that you enjoy it!

Big piece and little cubes of Belgian cheese with cheese knife over wooden background. Top view.

With So Many Different Cheeses, How Can You Pick a Favorite

On any given day, Lancaster’s Specialty Market will have 40+ different cheeses from all over the world (including some that are locally made here in Lancaster County) available for purchase.

With that many different cheeses it might seem overwhelming at first but don’t worry- we love to learn about and sample fromage (Fun Fact: fromage is a fancy word for cheese)! That being said, we are always more then happy to offer you a taste of any of the cheeses in our cut to order case. With a bit of guidance about what fine cheeses you’ve liked and disliked in the past, our staff will happily make suggestions for new cheeses for you to try!

You never know, you just might discover a new favorite cheese next time you visit Lancaster’s Specialty Market!

Assorted cheese on wooden background

What Makes Specialty Cheese “Special”

Sometimes fine cheeses are made using time tested traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation while other cheeses are born more recently out of a pure love and passion for all things cheese.

Specialty cheeses are special because of the attention devoted to the craft of cheese making, it’s not where it came from or who made it as much as it is about if they love and respect making cheese. If they do- you will taste it in the cheese!

Some cheeses are made locally in and around Lancaster County, using raw milk from either cows, goats or sheep and aged for a set period of time to develop their flavor profile while others like the Prima Donna (a staff favorite) is not aged for a set period of time, instead this firm & crumbly aged gouda is aged until it reaches a particular flavor profile, this means the cheese is closely monitored until it reaches it’s absolute peak in flavor.

Please Note: In order to keep things interesting and fun,our cheese selection will vary from time to time. Please feel free to call if you are looking for a specific cheese or better yet, stop by in person – if we don’t have it, we will take your request and do our best!